Alef Bet Montessori “Finds its Way Home”

Alef BetIn April, Jewish families all around the world celebrated their Passover holiday commemorating the Jews’ departure from Egypt and the beginning of their journey to a new home. One local Jewish School is celebrating its arrival at a new home.

Alef Bet Montessori will be returning to the Luxmanor neighborhood in North Bethesda after purchasing the property at 6125 Tuckerman Lane. Renovations of the farm-style house will be completed this summer. Architects Alan Dynerman and Bill Putnam of the DC firm Dynerman Architects, say the renovations of the existing structure will double the useable space while maintaining the building’s sense of “home” supported by the Montessori pedagogy.

Alef Bet Montessori started more than 10 years ago leasing space on Old Georgetown Road in the Luxmanor neighborhood. The school grew, relocated twice and has now, finally, found its permanent home. Program Director Ellie Lichtash shared:

“Finding a home for our school was pivotal to our future sustainability. We have moved too often, and people began referring to us as the “Wandering School.” Our new home reassures the parents and the community that we are here to stay. Just like the Little Engine That Could…we are the little school that finally reached the top of our mountain.”