Grace Episcopal School Celebrates Earth Day

GES IMG_1543Grace Episcopal School students were busy on Friday, April 20th enhancing their school campus and the church grounds in celebration of Earth Day. Each class was assigned an activity or responsibility around the campus. The Preschool and Junior Kindergarten students painted rocks to frame a garden, made bird feeders, and cleaned up trash. The elementary students pulled weeds, planted and watered new plants, and incorporated our school compost materials into the vegetable gardens. The Kindergarteners helped weed the vegetable gardens and then decorated recycled watering cans.

The event was organized by Lee Larkin, the Assistant Head of School. “I’m so proud of our students. They were eager to clean up the gardens, trim the dead growth, GES IMG_1354pull out the unwanted ivy, dig up the dandelions and work in the smelly compost. At the end of the day, it was so satisfying to look around and see what the students’ hard work accomplished for our school property.”

The school is excited to adopt this new day, devoted to caring for the earth, as a new “green” initiative, in addition to already collecting compost, storing water in rain barrels, and energy efficiency and recycling around the campus. Patti Culbreth, Head of School, commented, “We are grateful to Mrs. Larkin for planning Earth Day activities for us. This event allowed our students to live our mission in taking responsibility for our earth and in serving others. What a wonderful day!”
Photos by: Amanda Hungerford