Sheridan School Named A 2017 National School of Character

Jessica Lee, Sheridan's Head of School, greets students.

Jessica Lee, Sheridan’s Head of School, greets students.

Washington, DC — May 23, 2017 — In a time of incivility and polarization, we must ask ourselves, “What are our children learning from this environment and how will it shape their futures?”

On May 23, 2017, Sheridan School, a progressive K-8 school in the District of Columbia, was honored as a 2017 National School of Character for its distinctive program that helps students learn to navigate conflict and solve problems with creativity, critical thinking and respect for self and others.

The National School of Character designation, awarded by, the nonprofit organization that validates character initiatives in schools and communities around the world, puts Sheridan in the company of a small number of schools across the country who have been recognized for their exemplary work in supporting the social, emotional and ethical development of students. Through school culture and curriculum, these schools help students develop and apply core values that will serve them — and the larger society — in good stead as they grow into the leaders who will soon shape our world.

“What’s most exciting to me about this award is that it confirms the power of what we do each day at Sheridan. We are thrilled to be seen as a leader in developing a caring and productive school environment and look forward to sharing our experiences with other schools who are striving to educate the whole child in a challenging climate,” Jessica Lee, Sheridan’s Head of School, said upon notice of the award.

Becoming a National School of Character is the pinnacle of a rigorous process that included a deep review of Sheridan’s programming and community and an onsite visit. Results of effective character initiatives in schools typically include improved academic achievement, a decline in behavioral problems and an increase in an overall positive school climate. The Eleven Principles of Character used by as a framework for assessing schools are available here.

Questions about Sheridan School’s award should be directed to Phyllis Fagell at or 202-362-7900.