Aidan Montessori School

Aidan begins with a deep respect for children as unique individuals and focuses on their whole development: social and emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual. The mission of the Aidan Montessori School is to create and sustain an optimum Montessori educational environment to enable each child to realize his or her richest potential for learning and to become an independent, self-motivated and contributing member of the world community.
We embrace Dr. Maria Montessori’s philosophy and pedagogy as sound theory and practice for teaching and learning. The Montessori approach recognizes the differences in learning styles by supporting each child’s unique school experiences for their fullest development. Our prepared environments meet the academic, social and emotional needs of multi-age communities. We value cooperation over competition and believe that each child’s work and behavior should be evaluated on his or her inherent capacity rather than by comparison. Aidan supports each student in developing the necessary skills and dispositions for citizenship within society.

Our Montessori Tradition

Since 1961, Aidan has remained centered and steadfast in its mission as a Montessori school. Over the years, Dr. Maria Montessori’s ideas have had a profound effect and growing influence on education. However, while individual elements find their way into traditional programs, a fully authentic and implemented Montessori model is so comprehensive in scope and sequence that it is quite distinct. The Aidan Montessori School is proud to be recognized and accredited by the Association Montessori International (AMI) for all academic levels: Toddler, Primary and Elementary.

Grades: 18 Months - 6th Grade
Enrollment: 192
Head of School: Kevin Clark

2700 27th Street, NW
Map and Directions

Phone: 202-387-2700