Lowell School

A Lowell education honors the individuality of each child. Teachers know the many different ways that children learn, are attuned to their interests, and observe what they need. They go the extra mile for their students and challenge them in creative and thoughtful ways.

Our integrated curriculum—which includes the full complement of academic classes, as well as the arts, technology, and physical education—engages children in active, experiential learning. It facilitates not only the acquisition of strong basic skills, but also deep, conceptual understandings and is, thus, rigorous in the best sense of the word. A strong social curriculum complements the academic curriculum, and develops social skills, multicultural understanding, and community engagement.

Lowell is committed to ensuring that the principles of diversity and inclusivity permeate all aspects of the school, curriculum and student life to administrative decisions and event planning. We believe that actively promoting mutual understanding of differences enhances our school climate and the social and cognitive development of our students.

Learning at Lowell doesn’t stop when school ends. A robust after school program, which includes child-care, enrichment classes, music lessons, and athletics, gives children the chance to pursue their passions and explore new interests. Our summer camp welcomes children from all over the city each year, and our aquatics program, also open to the broader community, offers year-round swim lessons and a USA Swimming community swim team.

Lowell is a progressive, independent school educating children age 21/2 through 8th grade.

Grades: 2 1/2 years through 8th Grade
Enrollment: 340
Head of School: Debbie Gibbs

1640 Kalmia Road, NW
Map and Directions

Website: http://www.lowellschool.org
Phone: 202-577-2000