National Cathedral School

The talents and potential of National Cathedral School students are great. In response, NCS’ creative faculty and staff support and challenge each student with rigorous and dynamic educational programs. Our expertise is in teaching girls and young women to develop their unique talents in all dimensions. Through the passionate exchange of ideas, opportunities for analytical and creative thinking, personal reflection, and the joy of discovery, our students achieve high levels of skill in their academic and extracurricular endeavors. NCS graduates take on the challenges of life keenly aware of their capacity for leadership and ability to make meaningful contributions to the world.

NCS expresses the philosophy of the Washington National Cathedral and the Episcopal Church by embracing the diversity of human experience. As the National Cathedral is a “house of prayer for all people,” the National Cathedral School honors all faith traditions and welcomes and celebrates students, faculty, and staff from all backgrounds. We believe that diversity and inclusion enrich our learning environment and are essential to academic excellence and personal growth.It is through the deliberate and constant interactions with people of diverse beliefs and backgrounds that students learn compassion, cultural competence, and how to work effectively with others in a global community. Diversity in our school is essential if our students are to think critically and creatively about global questions, and to thrive and lead in today’s world.

Relationships anchored in trust and shared values between and among students, teachers, staff, parents, and alumnae create an environment that fosters intellectual risk-taking, healthy emotional growth, and a lifelong love of learning. Integrity, respect, and personal responsibility are essential components of our community.

Grades: 4-12
Enrollment: 590
Head of School: Kathleen O'Neill Jamieson

3612 Woodley Road NW
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Phone: 202-537-6300