National Child Research Center

For ninety years, NCRC – the National Child Research Center – has created a learning environment that inspires and captivates young children, ignites their imagination, and provides them with opportunities to grow and discover themselves and the ever-changing world around them. NCRC is a play-based model preschool for typically developing children and children with mild to moderate special needs.

We realize a great early childhood education is the solid foundation on which children build their future.

Our highly skilled and experienced teachers plan curricula based on the interests and developmental stages of the children in their classrooms. Activities reflect the five domains of early childhood learning: social-emotional, physical, communication, self-help, and cognitive.

Unique to NCRC is our Child Development Team consisting of a Speech and Language Pathologist, an Occupational Therapist, and a School Counselor. These professionals work with teachers to incorporate language, speech, motor, and social-emotional skill building into the classroom. Throughout the week, children look forward to enrichment classes in music, motor and library. Music teachers from Levine Music provide children with an understanding of the foundations of music. Our movement teacher helps children practice their motor skills such as balancing, hopping, and climbing. Library experiences are linked to classroom curriculum.

Founded on the premise that current research should inform practice, NCRC’s dynamic teachers stay abreast of current best practices. Children are guided each and every day they walk into NCRC by teachers who understand the theory behind the power of play and are passionate about what they do.


Grades: Nursery - Pre-K
Enrollment: 160
Head of School: James Carroll

3209 Highland Place, NW
Map and Directions

Phone: 202-363-8777