National Child Research Center

NCRC Preschool (National Child Research Center) welcomes children ages 2-5 to explore, create, and experience the wonder of play to discover their view of the world around them through our morning, afternoon and full-day programs!

Founded in 1928, National Child Research Center is the oldest continuously operating preschool in the District of Columbia. We continue to this day to be inspired by our founding principles; providing a curriculum rooted in early child development, delivered by outstanding faculty. Our program is committed to the inclusion of children with special needs and the implementation of appropriate, cutting-edge research. We continue to provide parent education programs and ongoing professional development opportunities for our highly-trained teaching staff.

We are proud to be a welcoming, inclusive, and diverse community, where every constituent is recognized, celebrated, and cherished.

At NCRC, children have the opportunity to experience a play-based program, which encourages inquiry and discovery. NCRC will consistently strive to inspire and motivate each child, parent, and teacher within a nurturing, positive, joyful learning environment.

Grades: Preschool - Pre-K
Enrollment: 180
Head of School: James S. Carroll

3209 Highland Place, NW
Map and Directions

Phone: 202-363-8777