National Presbyterian School

At National Presbyterian School, we understand that the crucial childhood years- 3 to 12 years – are our most important learning years, when the foundation is put in place for who we will become.

The NPS journey begins with 3-year-olds, just ready to engage in an independent journey in a playful, stimulating environment and concludes with 12-year-olds who sit on the cusp of adolescence but benefit from the focused attention of an elementary school setting before joining the complicated world of teenagers.

We offer all students a thoughtfully designed, integrated, and challenging curriculum: what students learn in one subject connects to what they learn in another, and what they learn one year becomes the foundation for what they learn the next.

To do this, we tap the potential of educational innovation: developing critical thinking skills through our schoolwide use of Harvard’s Project Zero Thinking Routines; building emotional intelligence with deliberate and dynamic social-emotional learning, ethical and religious studies; and allowing students to learn by doing using a discovery-based approach.

Our goal is to prepare our students to be both good learners and good people as they grow to become tomorrow’s global citizens. Renowned for academic sophistication, confidence, and compassion, our graduates are highly sought after by a wide array of schools in Seventh Grade.

Grades: Age 3 to Grade 6
Enrollment: 295
Head of School: Malcolm Lester

4121 Nebraska Avenue, NW
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Phone: 202-537-7500