Parkmont School

Parkmont is an intentionally small school for grades 6 through 12, founded in 1972 as Washington’s only standalone middle school, then adding high school when we merged with Somerset School in 1991. We have our own original, progressive approach to engaging students in the endeavor of getting themselves ready for high school, college, and the world of work. Our students learn in small, multi-grade classes of 6-10 kids that rely on a blend of classroom work, real-life experiences, travel and technology — a diversity of traditional and non-traditional classrooms that augment our home campus on 16th Street.

There are three major components to our program: 1) a streamlined academic structure that emphasizes hands-on learning while deepening mastery and strengthening skills; 2) comprehensive academic support services and one-to-one mentoring to prepare students for positive outcomes for their next steps; and 3) an expansive, thoughtful, and well-supervised internship program that hones practical work skills along with a vision of career possibilities.

Our long history working with students with a variety of learning needs, as well as the experience and commitment of our staff, allow us to work successfully with a wide range of students, including those with learning and anxiety/social issues.

Grades: 6-12
Enrollment: 65
Head of School: Ron McClain

4842 16th Street, NW
Map and Directions

Phone: 202-726-0740