St. Albans School

St. Albans School, an independent, college preparatory Episcopal school for boys, sits in the shadow of the National Cathedral on the 59-acre Cathedral Close in Washington, DC. The school educates approximately 575 boys in grades 4-12, including 30 boarders in grades 9-12. Dedicated to fostering the spiritual, intellectual, and physical development of boys, St. Albans challenges its students to achieve excellence and embrace responsibility, and expects them to act always with honor and to respect and care for others.

The objective of the school’s rigorous academic program is to teach each student strong skills of analysis and expression; to instill core knowledge in the arts, sciences and humanities; to foster the ability to think critically, creatively and independently, and to inspire intellectual curiosity and a passion for learning. Through its varied academic and extracurricular offerings, St. Albans encourages its students to develop their unique talents and to pursue knowledge that will serve both the individual and society.

St. Albans School is a diverse family that welcomes and values individuals from all backgrounds. Such diversity is essential to a vital community of learning and growth. In nurturing the hearts, minds, and bodies of its students, St. Albans prepares boys for fulfilling lives of responsibility, leadership and service to others.

Grades: 4-12
Enrollment: 583
Head of School: Jason F. Robinson

Mount St. Alban
Map and Directions

Phone: 202-537-6435