The Langley School

The Langley School

Founded upon a deep appreciation for childhood, and an abiding belief in the necessity and power of parent/teacher partnership, The Langley School offers an exceptional community and an individually attuned academic curriculum—proving both to be mutually reinforcing and equally essential. Since 1942, our thoughtfully designed preschool-through-grade-8 program has shaped uncommonly optimistic, grounded, poised, and kind learners and thinkers—citizens of the world, wholly prepared to thrive in the nation’s top high schools, and to lead lives of integrity and self-defined purpose.

  • Inquiry-based program reflects the latest research on how to engage students most effectively, inspiring them to ask meaningful, necessary questions and harness their learning to explore creative answers
  • Rigorous, engaging academic programs, including Spanish starting in preschool, Chinese starting in grade 6, and hands-on science labs starting in grade 1
  • Leadership experiences at every grade level, with eighth-graders serving as top role models and leaders
  • Strong visual arts, music, and drama programs for all grades, with band, strings, and formal drama instruction beginning in grade 4
  • Public speaking opportunities starting in preschool
  • Meaningful service learning and field trips, with overnight trips for grades 5-8
  • Wide variety of team sports for grades 5-8, plus fun and challenging P.E. programs for all students
  • State-of-the-art facilities, including state-of-the-art Middle School building, arts center, and turf field
  • Outdoor gardens that also serve as classrooms and a “Classroom in the Sky” with a “green” roof
  • 7:1 student/teacher ratio
  • Bus service and extended day programs available

Grades: Preschool -  grade 8
Enrollment: 475
Head of School: Dr. Elinor Scully

1411 Balls Hill Road
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Phone: 703-356-1920