The Potomac School

The Potomac School is a coeducational K-12 college-preparatory school committed to academic excellence in a welcoming, inclusive atmosphere. With all grade levels on one beautiful, 90-acre campus, Potomac offers exciting opportunities for collaboration and a strong sense of community. Each of the School’s four divisions – Lower School (K- 3), Middle School (4-6), Intermediate School (7-8), and Upper School (9-12) – provides a balanced educational experience that develops students’ potential and prepares them for success at the next level and beyond.

Learning at Potomac is age-appropriate, challenging, and infused with the joy of discovery. The Lower School program focuses on reading, writing, and numeracy skills, along with training in art and music. The Middle School curriculum enables students to develop their writing, reading, and speaking skills; quantitative analysis and problem solving; and creative expression in art, music, and dramatic performance. Intermediate School students are challenged to refine all of their academic and artistic skills, as they begin to examine more complex concepts and abstract ideas. The Upper School program empowers students to achieve their highest potential academically, in the arts, in athletic pursuits, and in their expanding sense of citizenship in their community, their nation, and the world.

Since its founding, Potomac has emphasized character development and excellence in all dimensions of a student’s life. The faculty and staff take an interest in who each student is today and, importantly, who he or she will become tomorrow. Consequently, a Potomac School education has a lasting, transformative impact on young lives.

Grades: K-12
Enrollment: 1,050
Head of School: John Kowalik

1301 Potomac School Road
Map and Directions

Phone: (703) 356-4100