Washington Jesuit Academy

The Washington Jesuit Academy is a middle school for boys from low-income communities in grades 5th through 8th:

Our Mission
The mission of the Washington Jesuit Academy is to provide a high quality and comprehensive education to boys from low-income communities, offering them a safe, rigorous academic setting and advancing their spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical growth.

Our Vision
The guiding vision of the Washington Jesuit Academy is to create an education model that addresses the cycle of poverty that plagues our students’ communities, and replaces it with a cycle of hope, determination and success. In order to challenge the city’s widening achievement gap and bleak graduation statistics for low-income males, WJA incorporates the Magis (“the more”) and asks the important question: What more can we do  for our students, our families and our community to change the face of urban education?

We instill in our students the confidence to find “the more” in themselves, giving them the necessary tools of moral character and compassion. Through the principles of a WJA education, students become willing to be courageous, and just in their actions, as well as active in their acceptance of God, their own gifts, and others.  We believe that every student will learn to lead purpose-driven lives as members of their communities, becoming reflective, action-oriented citizens whose focus will be improving the lives of those most in need.

Grades: 5-8
Enrollment: 115
Head of School: Marcus Washington

900 Varnum Street, NE
Map and Directions

Website: http://www.wjacademy.org
Phone: 202-832-7679