Washington Waldorf School

The Washington Waldorf School prepares young people for the future by developing their capacities for creative imagination, critical thinking, and active engagement in the world. We provide a balanced, holistic education that instills in our students a love of learning, a wide array of skills and a commitment to live a fruitful life. We take pride in being a welcoming and inclusive community.

At Waldorf the arts, movement, and practical skills are integrated throughout the curriculum, resulting in a rich learning environment that excites students and provides multiple ways of engaging academic subjects. The Waldorf approach is carefully tailored to the developmental phases of our students. Our early childhood programs are play-based, with lots of time outdoors. We introduce academics and skills deliberately in the early grades, using art, stories, and movement to build strong foundations for learning. Academics become more demanding through the middle school years, and by high school the academic curriculum is highly rigorous.

Waldorf graduates are well known for their insight, self confidence, curiosity, communications skills, entrepreneurial spirit, and social intelligence. They stand out in college admissions, with SAT/ACT scores above local high school averages. They thrive in the full range fields of study and careers, including business, education, healthcare, the arts, sciences, engineering, and more. A Waldorf education is an education for life.




Grades: PK - 12
Enrollment: 275
Head of School: Jennifer Page

4800 Sangamore Road
Map and Directions

Website: http://www.washingtonwaldorf.org
Phone: 301-299-6107