Why Work at an AISGW School?

The community of AISGW schools offer administrators, teachers, and staff opportunities to work in a wide variety of educational settings.


Our membership educates students from nursery school through high school and includes Montessori and Waldorf schools, schools that specialize in learning disabilities, and single-sex schools, among many others. AISGW schools share a commitment to providing faculty and staff the autonomy, resources, and professional environments they need to be effective. They are institutions with high standards where smaller learning environments and a shared sense of mission engenders collegiality, closer connections to students, and a strong sense of community. And they are places with supportive administrators and productive partnerships with parents who are fully invested in their students’ success.

Because they enjoy the help of their colleagues, the strong support of parents, and the trust of administrators, AISGW faculty and staff are able to focus on what matters most—teaching students to be engaged, thoughtful, and moral members of society.