About Us



The Association of Independent Schools of Greater Washington advances the collective interests of member schools in the capital region by promoting high professional standards and exemplary practices, encouraging cooperative endeavors, enhancing member schools’ standing in the community, and safeguarding their independence

Who We Are

AISGW was founded in 1951 to support independent schools in Washington, D.C. and its environs. Since then, we have grown to a community of 78 schools educating over 30,000 students from early childhood through high school in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.

Our member schools are non-profit, governed by lay boards of directors, independently financed, and have non-discrimination admissions and employment policies. They serve many different types of students using many different educational strategies, providing families with a wide range of educational options, and helping to make greater Washington one of the most vibrant educational landscapes in the nation.

What We Do

AISGW supports our schools by promoting high professional standards and practices, sponsoring a wide range of professional development and networking opportunities, providing research and resources on a range of educational issues, representing independent schools in the Washington, D.C. region in key public venues, leveraging the scale of our network to lower the cost of school operations, and serving as a portal for families seeking the best schools for their children.

Recommendations & Guidelines

AISGW’s Board of Trustees has established the following policies and policy guidelines to promote the collective well-being of our member schools.

Essential Principles of Good Practice

Our Principles of Good Practice were created to provide guidance for schools in their admission, financial aid, and hiring work. They are intended to promote a positive image of area independent schools to families seeking a fair and rational admissions process, and among educators seeking work in our schools. In addition, they are designed to promote collegiality among AISGW member schools.

Advisory Statements

These statements on important issues for independent private schools represent the considered opinion of AISGW’s Board of Trustees. Member schools are not required to adopt them, but we hope that schools will use them to guide their policies and practices.


AISGW’s Board of Trustees has adopted the following guidelines in support of the organization’s advocacy activities.

Governance Policies

AISGW’s Board of Trustees has adopted the following policies to govern the organization’s operations.