Cherry Blossom Consortium

In July 2020, AISGW and AIMS (The Association of Independent Maryland and DC Schools) successfully launched the Cherry Blossom Consortium, a Property & Casualty Group Purchase Program.  Since its inception, the Cherry Blossom Consortium has provided its twenty members with premium stability, broad coverage and access to education specific risk management support through the consortium’s broker, RCM&D. Here are some of the benefits the consortium has offered its current members:

  • Premium stability during the most challenging years in recent insurance history. The first renewal in October 2021 delivered exceptional results, far better than industry average;
  • The consortium continues to leverage its collective buying power for the benefit of members;
  • Spring and fall risk forums with a risk management focus. Risk management expertise by RCM&D’s Education Practice; and
  • A governing committee composed of AISGW and AIMS peers.

To find out more about the Cherry Blossom Consortium, please email us at [email protected]