Whether you’re looking for:

  • an independent school in metro D.C. for your child
  • resources and support for independent schools and educators
  • employment at an independent school in the D.C. area

AISGW is here for you.

Supporting a community of 78 non-profit schools that operate independently and for the sole benefit of the students and families of the 30,000 students they educate each year, the Association of Independent Schools of Greater Washington provides resources, professional development, and advocacy for schools and families in D.C., Virginia, and Maryland.

Each school offers a unique educational approach for its students. Collectively, our member schools provide families a wide range of educational options, and help to make greater Washington one of the most vibrant educational landscapes in the nation.

Member Schools Receive:

  • Advocacy of local independent school interests and updates about significant national legislative and regulatory developments
  • Networking to develop and foster strong and meaningful local connections and to share best practices
  • Access to local, in-person professional development events for school leaders and educators
  • Tailored local, regional, and national data bench-marking capabilities and custom reporting to assist with tuition, budget, and staffing decisions through the use of NAIS’s Data Analysis for School Leadership platform
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Independent Schools Offer Families:

Our non-profit independent schools are mission-driven and operate solely for the best education of their students.   

This autonomy allows each school to set its own curriculum, define and allocate its own budget, establish and change policy, and make independent decisions in the best interest of its students.  All income is 100% reinvested into the school, ensuring that a resource-rich environment complements each educational program.

The result? While each school offers a different approach, all are guided by a mission to support and develop every student’s intellectual, social, and emotional needs.

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