Supporting a community of 78 non-profit schools that operate independently and for the sole benefit of the students and families of the 30,000 students they educate each year, the Association of Independent Schools of Greater Washington provides resources, professional development, and advocacy for schools and families in the District of Columbia, Virginia, and Maryland.

Each school offers a unique educational approach for its students. Collectively, our member schools provide families a wide range of educational options and help to make greater Washington one of the most vibrant educational landscapes in the nation.

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Here’s a preview of what we have planned for the fall.

Check back in mid-August for more details and registration information.  

Sept. 21st -- Building Belonging* with Holly Hinderlie

Sept. 22nd -- Governance 101 workshop, Leadership Through Partnership:  Governance Fundamentals for New Trustees with Jack Creeden

Sept. 23rd -- New Heads Welcome Lunch**

Sept. 28th -- Building Belonging with Tamisha Williams

September TBD – Fall Gathering for Admission Officers**

October 6th – Annual Trustees Workshop, The Long Game with Mike Vachow

October 12th -- Building Belonging with John Gentile

October 26th -- Building Belonging with Jessy Molina

October 27th -- Womens’ Leadership Initiative Opening Session

October 28th -- Annual Dinner at the Potomac School featuring Gina Barreca
on Why Humor Is Essential in 2021-2022**

October TBD – Fall Gathering for Development Professionals**

November 9th -- Building Belonging with Jennifer Bryan (part one)

November 12th -- Heads’ Retreat with Ted Fish and Anne-Marie Balzano**

November 16th -- Building Belonging with Jennifer Bryan (part two)

December 7th -- Building Belonging with Nishant Mehta

December 9th -- Special session for board chairs with Anne-Marie Balzano**

*Click here for more details about our Building Belonging series
**Denotes in-person session, public health conditions permitting 

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