Sponsorship Opportunities

AISGW values the opportunity to partner with individuals and organizations who can provide meaningful, mission-related resources and benefits to our member schools. The chief vehicle for establishing these relationships is through AISGW sponsorships. Below is a description of the Association’s current policy regarding these sponsor relationships.


Who Can Be a Sponsor

AISGW sponsors can be an individual, organization, corporation, or company that is:

  • already serving as a proven and valued resource in AISGW schools; and/or
  • knowledgeable about the unique benefits, challenges, and operations of independent schools in general; and/or
  • familiar with AISGW schools in particular; and/or
  • known to AISGW leadership and/or recommended with a personal endorsement from an AISGW member, supporter, or colleague

Sponsorship 2023-2024The sponsorship policy above is effective July 1st, 2023. Please note that there is no category exclusivity for AISGW sponsors. That said, AISGW will attempt to ensure that there is only one sponsor per category at a sponsored event.

For more information about becoming an AISGW Sponsor, contact Lynn Maloney, or call (202) 625-9223.