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Race, Remote Learning, and Our Responsibility
Tuesday, June 02, 2020, 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM EDT
Category: AISGW Events

And Here We Are...Again:

Our students and families are no doubt aware of and highly likely impacted by the inescapable tragic news of an unarmed Black man killed while jogging, gunned down by two white men who weren't arrested or charged for 10 weeks.

Covid is here, and in the midst of that, the world goes on, injustice continues, and the topic of race and race relations rises to the surface again. Only this time, addressing this as educators will be different. As if this wasn’t already an uneasy subject to broach in "regular school," it’s even more tricky being physically unavailable to students to help them process. This is unchartered territory, and we’ll likely be in this territory in the fall much like we are now.
So what is our responsibility right now? What do we do going forward?

At this workshop, you will:
* learn what some leaders in area schools are doing to address the news story and others like it
* hear sage advice about race and students in general from leaders in the field
* do personal self-reflecting
* have Q & A with more than 20 years experience in roles intersecting as a mental health clinician, school counselor, diversity director, and NAIS parent
* strategize what to do going forward.

Samantha Fletcher
Jonathan Fichter
Guest speaker, Pat Harden

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This free event is for AIMS and AISGW members only.